Why BNI At The Frontier- Durham, NC?

Mar 22, 2017 | BNI, Featured

What Is The Frontier?

Located in the heart of RTP, The Frontier building is a new concept for a work space. The bottom floor is a free open space for the public with work stations, wifi and conference rooms. The goal of The Frontier is to provide an energetic drop in space for people to do business. Whether your a student, a solo-preneur, or work from home for an established company, The Frontier building provides a great space for productivity. The Frontier is a great community that has helped countless businesses by providing a local space, free of cost so you can focus on work.

Why BNI At The Frontier?

The Frontier building is a perfect location for a BNI group. The building has many amenities that other venues simply cannot provide, and a centralized location that is extremely conducive to supporting a thriving BNI chapter. The building is also full of small to medium size businesses on the upper floors that are very active in the buildings community. This makes for a great environment for a BNI group to grow and attract visitors on a weekly basis.

Another major attraction of The Frontier is the local, farm to table restaurant on the premises called The FarmeryThe Farmery. They create healthy and local only breakfast and lunch options that are perfect doing 1 on 1s or lunch meetings…..also they have Counter Culture coffee!

What Is The BNI Process?

The process of BNI is one that has been perfected over the years. Sometimes in business all you need is a structure to follow and the rest will take shape. That is what BNI is about, following a structured meeting that allows all members, guests and visitors in attendance to learn about who you are and what your trying to accomplish in your business. Visit today and find out more!

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