4 Great Things to Gain from BNI

Nov 15, 2016 | BNI

BNI is a business networking organization based around the idea of ‘givers gain;’ which means BNI members focus on how to help other member’s businesses instead of focusing on what they can get from a Durham networking meeting. However, many local Raleigh-Durham businesses will join a Triangle BNI chapter with the idea that they are going to get a ton of referrals. This can happen, but there is so much more that can be gained from joining a Triangle BNI chapter.

#1 Confidence In Expertise

Many Cary NC small business owners are experts in their area of work, but won’t call themselves that because they don’t believe it. Hearing referral partners in BNI talk about their knowledge and skills can help a small business owner understand that they are an expert in their industry and give them the confidence to sell more.

#2 Elevator Speech

BNI meetings are a structured networking meeting. Each member shares a 30 to 60 second elevator speech about their business each week. This allows each member of the group to strengthen their elevator pitch. A good elevator speech says 4 main things:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why someone should choose you
  • Who you are looking to mee

#3 Small Business Knowledge

Members of a Triangle BNI Chapter are learning skills from their other members. If there is an insurance professional in a BNI group, they can teach what a personal relationship with an insurance agent can offer. If there is a financial adviser in a Triangle BNI group, they can share mistakes others have made!

#4 Improve Speaking Ability

any business owners are very nervous about attending at Triangle BNI meeting, but they will attend open networking events hosted by a local chamber of commerce. When visiting open Raleigh networking events, they are unsure about what to talk about and how to relate to other business owners. Relating to other business owners and learning to speak about your business is quickly accomplished when joining a BNI chapter.

Interested in learning more about BNI? Fill out the contact form and come visit The Open Eye BNI chapter of Triangle BNI this Wednesday at 9 AM.

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